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Our journal is currently indexed/listed in the following indexing services and
international databases:

  1. Emerging Sources Citation Index, ESCI - Web Of Science (Thomson-Reuters)
  2. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  3. EBSCO (EBSCO Open Access Computer Science, EBSCO Open Access Journals, EBSCO Open Access Medical and Health Collection)
  5. IndexCopernicus
  6. The Linguist List
  7. Google Academic
  8. Ulrichs
  9. getCITED
  10. Genamics JournalSeek
  11. Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)
  12. J-Gate
  14. Dayang Journal System
  15. Public Knowledge Project
  16. BIUM (Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de medecine et d'odontologie)
  17. NewJour
  18. ArticleReach Direct
  19. Link+

Also, some universities and organizations list our journal in their online libraries:

  1. Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  2. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
  3. River Campus Libraries (Univ. of Rochester)
  4. Tulips (University of Tsukuba Library))
  5. Showa University Library
  6. Keio University (Shinamomachi Media Center)
  7. University of Zurich
  8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  10. Tel Aviv University, Gitter-Smolarz Library of Life Sciences and Medicine
  11. National Autonomous University of Mexico, Genomic Sciences Center, Institute of
  12. Biotechnology
  13. Saint Petersburg State University
  14. University of Puerto Rico
  15. Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  16. Queensland University of Technology
  17. University of Florida
  18. John Brown University
  19. Université Paris-Descartes
  20. University of Regensburg
  21. Michigan State University
  22. University of Colorado Boulder
  23. University of Glasgow
  24. Washington University in Saint Louis
  25. Wayne State University
  26. California State University, Long Beach
  27. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  28. The University of Honk Kong
  29. University of Nevada, Reno
  30. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  31. Dowling College, New York State
  32. Colgate University, New York State