The Stigma of the Medical Personnel in Psychiatry

Liliana Luca, Stefan Lucian Burlea, Mihaela Carausu, Ana-Catalina Chirosca, Ioana Maria Marin, Petronela Nechita, Ginel Baciu, Anamaria Ciubara


This research was structured as a descriptive study based on a questionnaire with seven questions, addressed to the medical personnel involved in the medical assistance of the patient with mental disorders (psychiatrists, family doctors, physicians from other specialties, psychologists). This study refers to the relationship medical team – psychiatric patient from the point of view of the health professionals. The main appreciation criteria refer to the lack of knowledge or minimizing the importance of patients’ rights, aspect that can influence the voluntary addressability of psychiatric patients to treatment and therapeutic success.

The lot of this study had a number of 217 subjects from which are part psychiatrists, family doctors, physicians from other specialties and psychologists, who work in therapy centers and hospitals from the following counties: Iaşi, Botoşani, Suceava, Vaslui.


stigma; medical personnel; psychiatry; patient; health

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