Psychoprophylactic Correction of the Individual Psychological Factors of Narcotism

Denys Aleksandrov, Ivan Okhrimenko, Volodymyr Medvediev, Olena Moiseieva, Kostiantyn Prontenko


The currently available psychoprophylactic programs for the rehabilitation and resocialization of drug addicts are largely based on pedagogical measures of persuasion or coercion. However, the individual psychological determinants of addiction, which should be taken into account when organizing psychotherapeutic corrective measures, are often ignored. The aim of the study is to analyze the psychological factors that determine the propensity of individuals to addictive behavior against the background of social and psychological maladaptation. The empirical basis of the study consisted of 144 people between the ages of 20 and 40, anamnesis of who included drug dependence and social maladaptation. The experimental study included the results of interviews, observations, and the collection of formalized data using four multifactorial psychodiagnostic methods. The empirical study proved that the psychoprophylactic program of the correction of addictive behavior should include specific influences aimed at the development of neuro-psychic stability (the reduction of tension, emotional instability, uncontrolled behavioral emotional reactions); at the harmonization of the system of attitudes towards oneself (the reduction of the tendency to unproductive self-blame, intrapersonal conflict, and escapism); at the formation of productive strategies for social interaction (the reduction of rigidity and prevention of delinquent behavior). The psychoprophylactic program should direct the purposeful influence of exercises and training sessions to the reduction of the basic characteristics of the individual-psychological qualities defined in the study. Under these circumstances, the targeted impact will reduce the negative attitudes of addictive and socially maladaptive behavior.


addiction; social and psychological maladaptation; psychoprophylaxis; individual psychological qualities; narcotism

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