A Novel Fuzzy Scoring Approach of Behavioural Interviews in Personnel Selection

Dana Rad, Valentina E. Balas


The need for a behavioural interview scoring strategy is a critical element in order to ensure an optimal organizational human capital. Behavioural interview based on storytelling approach is a technique through which career seekers are required to provide clear details of how they have handled such workloads in the past. The whole literature assumes the existence of strong correlations between the score received on the selection interview and subsequent job performance, so in this paper we intend to highlight the relationship between these two assessments as well as the modelling using fuzzy logic of a CAR alternative system for scoring the selection interview. The results demonstrated that there is a very significant association between the classic interview score and work performance (r=0.894 to p<0.01). Furthermore, there is also a significant correlation coefficient of r=0.925 at a p<0.01, between the fuzzy CAR score and job performance, thus the validity and the optimization of the procedure are fully proven.


Personnel selection; Fuzzy Scoring; behavioural interview; storytelling

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/brain/11.2/81

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