Oral Rehabilitation Therapies in A Patient with Facial Dysmorphia and Psychiatric Profile - Clinical Case Report

Laura Elisabeta CHECHERIŢĂ, Lucian Ştefan BURLEA, Liana AMINOV, Raluca Elena BACIU, Bogdan Petr BULANCEA, Ioana RUDNIC, Iulian Costin LUPU, Ovidiu STAMATIN


This article describes rehabilitation of one case, complex psychiatric treatment, facial asimetry, with mandibular and maxilla missing teeth and dental disharmony, with a fixed and also removable hybrid prosthesis. Rehabilitation with fixed or removable prosthesis is even more challenging when the edentulous span is long and the ridge is irregular deformities and unfavorable biomechanics encountered at the prosthetic field for complex rehabilitation.

In such situation, a fixed-removable prosthesis allows favorable biomechanical stress distribution along with restoration of esthetics, phonetics, comfort, hygiene, and better postoperative care and maintenance


Fixed dental prosthesis; fixed-removable partial denture; mandibular and maxilla edentation; removable partial denture; psychiatric treatment;

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