Features of Students Ideas about Life Success



The article presents the results of the analysis of scientific research studying the problem of life success and the features of the ideas about it among students of different genders and specialties. The features of understanding of success, successfulness, success in life, as well as the process of achieving it, which is determined by personal motivation for changes and development, accompanied by the energy status of activity, a positive emotional state, leading to the achievement of the desired goal in a certain area of social life and the well-being of the individual, have been determined. The results of the ascertaining experiment confirm the research assumption that the peculiarities of students' ideas about success in life are determined by their gender and the choice of professional specialization. It was found that girls and boys mainly focus on material values, their own self-realization and career growth, which can hinder the maximum comprehensive implementation and high quality of life of the individual in the future.

Achieving goals and money as part of life's success are often high on the minds of students, regardless of their specialization. The exceptions are lawyers, for whom self-realization is more important, TV journalists, for whom money comes first, and actors, for whom the most important thing is to satisfy their needs and respect others.

Most students assess their level of life success as medium or low, which can reduce their level of motivation, self-esteem, self-efficacy in the implementation of aspirations and requires the development of special psychological recipes to optimize the process of achieving their life success.


success; successfulness; life success; the process of achieving life success; life satisfaction; motivation; self-efficacy; social status; self-realization; personal development

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/brain/12.1/175

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