Adolescents during the Pandemic. Difficulties and Adaptive Strategies

Elena Otilia VLADISLAV, Gabriela MARC, Ovidiu POP, Corina-Ioana PAICA, Diana-Antonia IORDACHESCU


This paper is a scientific research conducted during the alert state on a sample of 450 adolescents. The main aim of the study is to identify the socio-emotional difficulties of adolescents and the adaptive ways they use during crisis situations, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

The research questions refer on the one hand to the concerns about the pandemic context and the possibility of infection, social activities, the online school curriculum, and on the other hand to the association between clinical and adaptive variables and coping mechanisms, as well as coping strategies that are predictors of adaptive scales and moderators that are key to understanding adolescents' condition.

The results indicate that the use of functional strategies, such as support strategies, in which support, social relationships and emotional adjustment predominate, can stimulate increased self-confidence in the context of the pandemic. In fact, the results support the relationship with parents and social support in times of crisis.


Adolescents, socio-emotional difficulties, pandemic, clinical scales, adaptive scales, coping

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