Analysis of Peculiarities and Components of Resiliency of People Facing Military Aggression against Ukraine

Nataliya KALKA, Viacheslav BLIKHAR, Maryana TSYVINSKA, Liubov KUZO, Alla MARCHUK, Halyna KATOLYK


The article contains a theoretical and empirical analysis of resiliency and resilience in the context of the impact of various traumatic events. In particular, the impact of such events and phenomena as war and military aggression, which Ukrainians have been experiencing since the beginning of the invasion of Russian Federation troops, is outlined. The formation of resiliency in conditions of military actions and full-scale invasion is vital. Therefore, the authors outline the main theoretical approaches in the interpretation of these concepts within the framework of domestic and foreign teachings. The connection and relationship of such concepts as "resilience" and "stress resistance", "resilience" and "coping", "resilience" and "sustainability" are outlined. In general, resiliency is characterized as a personality quality and includes adaptability, stress resistance, mental stability, flexibility (emotional and behavioral) and resistibility.

The purpose of the article is to find out the specifics of resiliency, its manifestation and development in people facing military aggression against Ukraine.

The results of applying "The Person-in-the-Rain Drawing" technique made it possible to assess the components of resiliency and the main levels of its manifestation in the research group.

The obtained results presented grounds to determine three levels of resiliency based on the selected criteria: low, medium and high. The analysis of three groups of respondents according to the level of resiliency indicates the need to find and implement ways of psychological support and provision of people with a low and medium level of resiliency. By increasing its level through the formation and development of adaptive resources and resistance, individuals will be able to mobilize their internal reserves and effectively implement them in order to protect their countries and provide assistance at various levels.


resilience; resiliency; stress resistance; optimism; war; adaptation; traumatic event

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