Psychometric Properties of the Questionnaire Covid-19 Stress on the Romanian Community Sample

Bogdana MICLEA, Romulus-Dan NICOARA, Horia-George COMAN


The objective of the present research is to adapt the 36-item COVID-19 Stress Rating Scales to the Romanian population. It is a self-report scale used to assess the stress caused by COVID-19 through six dimensions: Danger, Socio-economic consequences, Xenophobia, Contamination, Traumatic stress, Verification. A total of 160 medically qualified participants, aged 19-59 years, completed a socio-demographic data sheet and the COVID-19 Stress Rating Scales. A high internal consistency was obtained for the 6 scales of the instrument, with Cronbach's alpha coefficients in the range 0.74-0.86. Exploratory factor analysis and Confirmatory factor analysis were also evaluated. The results indicate that the Romanian version of the CSS has good psychometric properties, being a suitable instrument for the assessment of stress caused by COVID-19.


stress scale; Covid-19; pandemic

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