A Proposed Data Driven Architecture for Cardiology Network Application

Horea Adrian Grebla, Calin Ovidiu Cenan


The paper presents a framework for a distributed medical system meant to bring a modern approach and inhance the quality of medical services offered to chronicle patients with cardio-vascular diseases, through the latest IT&C technologies. The proposed system provides online interaction between the main actors of a medical system: patients, doctors, medical entities (e.g. hospitals, clinics) and medical authorities (e.g. social services). With the aid of widely accepted medical standards, the system supplies storage for medical records and offers services for data integration between different kinds of healthcare applications and entities. The proposed ontological approach allows interchange of medical knowledge and best practices with conceptually organized patients’ records. The proposed solution allows computer assisted diagnoses and multi-criteria medical data analysis, with the possible extent of building a data warehouse for complex medical data mining.


data driven architecture, cardiology, multi-agent system

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