An Efficient Expert System Generator for Qualitative Feed-Back Loop Analysis

Manoj Kumar Jain


Quite often the variables used in system analysis are qualitative in nature. They cannot be defined precisely, whereas software development for system analysis needs a mathematical framework with precise computations. It is not trivial to capture the uncertainty in the system.
Fuzzy sets provide us the facility to capture the uncertainty in the system. In normal crisp set where the membership of an element is always certain in a sense that it would be member or not of the given set. In contrast to this a membership functions or possibility (ranging from 0 to 1, including both values) is assigned with each member. System analysis is done through system dynamics which is not very efficient. We present an efficient technique to generate expert system using fuzzy set. In our proposed approach five linguistic qualifiers are used for each variable, namely, Very Low (VL), Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), and Very High
(VH). We capture the influence or feedback in the system with the help of if then else rules and matrices are generated for them which are used for analysis. Complete methodology and its applicability are presented here.


Analysis, Applications, Design and Data Analysis, Fuzzy Mathematical Programming, Fuzzy System Models, Fuzzy Relations, Linguistic Modeling.

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