The Level of Proficiency Of Special Education Teachers and their Opinions on Instructional Technologies

Huseyin Bicen, Erkan Bal, Pelin Gür, Zöhre Serttaş


In this study, the aim is to determine the proficiency of special education teachers in terms of using instructional technologies in the TRNC. A total of 80 special education teachers from rehabilitation institutes in Famagusta, Kyrenia, and Nicosia participated in this study in the 2016–2017 education year, of whom 45 were women and 45 were men. The quantitative research method was used and, in terms of collection tools, a demographic information form along with an opinion survey aimed at defining their usage and skill levels of special education teachers in the TRNC related to the use of instructional technologies were used. The data were analysed with the SPSS 20.00 program. Based on the results of the analysis, it was found that the level of using educational technologies was low. According to the data which was obtained from teachers’ opinions, the special education teachers were in favour of using instructional technologies in their lessons. When the results of this study are considered, it can be observed that the special education teachers who have been working in the TRNC are in favour of using instructional technologies in their classes; however, they are lacking in terms of equipment and knowledge.


Special education; teachers; instructional technologies; skill levels

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