Towards Agile Integration within Higher Education: A Systematic Assessment

Aurelia Ciupe, Razvan Ionescu, Serban Meza, Bogdan Orza


Adopting an industry project-oriented approach in Higher Education teaching, research and management activities, under given quality metrics, has been intensively studied within Agile software development practices. The current work investigates Agile applicability and its practical implications into Higher Education, through a Systematic Assessment. The lack of a secondary study approach results in trending gaps and misalignments between new research proposals and the current state-of the art. Directions for further research and specific current developments are addressed in a structured manner, through relevant distributions of the publication fora according to Agile facets (research areas, methodologies, type of intervention and contribution). Study selection and data extraction have been performed under the Systematic Mapping protocol (question formulation, selection and filtering, mapping) offering a conclusive review on means of Agile integration over almost a decade.


Agile Software Development; higher education; industry-oriented practices; systematic assessment

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