Use the Firefly Algorithm to Find the Profits of the Airlines at Baghdad International Airport

Sabah Manfi Redha, Sarah Salam Hameed


In this paper, queueing system with losses (M\M\m\-\m) is investigated depending on First in First out (FIFO) technique. The main task is to find the earnings of three airline companies in international airport of Baghdad, by establishing the best number of service centers. The researcher was present on daily basis to collect data related to travelers arrival and departure time from centers of services. The researcher calculated arrival averages and service (? ) ? , by using (Professional EasyFit5.6). Also, he observed distribution of service centers for all previously mentioned companies. The aim of researcher is to determine arrivals time of airline companies, service centers which are Poisson distributed and how service time (Exponential distribution) is distributed. Then, it is necessary to find the best service center depending on earnings indication of suggested model for each company, using Firefly Algorithm (FA) and writing the program by (Matlab R2015a) to show the results. And finally, the results are compared with Particle swarm Algorithm (PSO), (FA) algorithm is proved to be better as compared to (PSO).


Queuing System; Firefly Algorithm

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