University Teachers Plagiarism - A Preliminary Review of Research

Roxana Maria Ghiațău, Liliana Mâță


The purpose of this paper is to explore three different themes within university teacher plagiarism via the use of a systematic literature review: definition of concepts, the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and university teacher plagiarism and the attitudes and perceptions regarding university teacher plagiarism. The motivation of the research is related to the fact that there is a very comprehensive literature on plagiarism in general, but rather limited literature on university teacher plagiarism. Teachers are role-models; hence, their actions and attitudes are often assumed by students. The data composing the present literature review were extracted from one of the databases very frequently used in Romania: Springer Link. A literature search in this database was performed using the following keywords: “teacher plagiarism” and “researcher plagiarism “. We found that the concept of university teacher plagiarism does not exist as such, and authors support a unique delimitation, irrespective of context. The least represented domain is that related to ICT and university teacher plagiarism, which urges for an immediate approach to this topic by means of empirical studies.


Higher Education; Systematic Literature Review; Teacher Plagiarism

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