The FOMO Syndrome and the Perception of Personal Needs in Contemporary Society

Liliana Luca, Stefan Lucian Burlea, Ana-Catalina Chirosca, Ioana Maria Marin, Alexandru Bogdan Ciubara, Anamaria Ciubara


The development of social media and technological devices have led to a series of new events in the spectrum of mental illnesses.

These manifestations are often unnoticeable, but they develop as a symptom of common psychological disorders, classified by worldwide mental health societies. A new pathology is described as “the FOMO Syndrome”. This disorder is in the same category as social anxiety, and the obsessive-compulsive component is probably the factor that contributes to the diminishing of the social circle of individuals and their personal autonomy, and also increases the risks of psycho-emotional and psycho-somatic disorders. We intend to present the results of a study conducted on a group of 205 people, aged 21-45, regarding the use of the internet, the purpose being the creation of a clear image of individual particularities, which would be the basis for the implementation of a mental health program at  community level.


FOMO; perception; adult; education; health

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