Intelligent Support System for Personalized Online Learning

Irina Shpolianskaya, Tatyana Seredkina


The current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic have required universities to transfer educational processes in the online environment. eLearning systems provide educational institutions and students with the opportunity to effectively organize the educational process and share knowledge. They provide each student with freedom of access to information and flexibility of the learning process. The student can individually determine the duration and sequence of courses by changing the trajectory of the educational process following their needs. In the context of the pandemic, students and teachers have to optimize their work over the Internet. This requires more extended personalization of the learning process. Intelligent technologies allow you to construct personalized learning paths for each student, varying methods, forms, and speed of learning. This study presents the architecture of the e-learning support system for the selection of online resources and for including them in the student's learning path. The system developed as a set of personal agents and services that interact based on a set of interconnected ontological models. Ontologies provide a more adequate representation of online resources and compatibility of the user request format with descriptions of training resources from different developers. The system recommends training modules based on current requests and user characteristics that match their profile. The system dynamically updates the knowledge base user characteristics, thereby increasing the effectiveness of recommendations.


Personalised eLearning; pandemic; learning paths; recommender system

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