Servicewomen’s Personal Traits

Lyudmila Matokhniuk, Оksana Shportun, Victoriya Shevchuk, Olha Khamaziuk, Kostyantyn Savenko, Myhailo Nikulin, Ruslan Hrynko, Valentyna Miroshnichenko


The article reveals the theoretical substantiation and empirical research of the servicewomen’s personal traits on the basis of theoretical analysis of scientific, methodological literature. A woman in order to perform military duties must have more or less muscular traits, such as stoutness, perseverance, determination, ability to manage, willingness to take risks, dominance, courage, propensity for leadership, organizational skills, self-sufficiency, independence, strength, and so on. The personal traits of women such as increased emotionality, softness, tactfulness, sensitivity, ability to empathize, tendency to intuitive comprehension of reality, clear maternal orientation have been substantiated. Psychological analysis of servicewomen professional activities indicates that most military service is influenced by such needs as success and power, a sense of social significance of service, participation in solving national problems, proving the value of one’s own personality, self-affirmation through one’s own career. Assessment of the personal qualities of women oriented to military service made it possible to determine that in the characteristics of this category dominate power, dominance, confidence, self-control, etc. It has been proven that the gender identity of servicewomen is the result of an active process that takes place continuously during ontogenesis and is accompanied by a person’s sense of continuity, identity and certainty due to belonging to a certain individual unity. The analysis of the formal-dynamic properties of individuality revealed that, on average, female servicemen show themselves as active, purposeful, determined, with average overall mobility (in all spheres) and low sensitivity adapted to living conditions and military service.


personality; gender; androgyny; femininity; masculinity; personal traits; female servicemen

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