Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu. From Suffering to Re-silience

Liliana LUCA, Liliana BAROIU, Alexandru Bogdan CIUBARA, Razvan ANGHEL, Andra Irina BULGARU ILIESCU, Lucretia ANGHEL, Anamaria CIUBARA


This paper is an overview of how the pandemic affected society during the Spanish flu period and its impact on the psychiatric hospitals and asylums of that period.

The continuous changes of situations in the context of the current pandemic and the attempt of individuals to adapt led to comparisons between COVID-19 and the Spanish flu of 1918-1919.

The progress of medicine and intervention measures are still struggling with the strength of influenza viruses and their ability to spread around the world has grown exponentially.

The study analyzes how this new pathology can influence the attitude of individuals towards the disease, their thoughts, emotions and behaviors so as to prevent the onset of symptoms in the field of mental health and contribute to the well-being of the population.


covid-19; Spanish flu; resilience; crisis; mental health;

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