Physical Rehabilitation Program for Students of the Special Medical Group

Nataliya GOLOD, Zoryana KORYTKO, Ljudmyla RUSYN, Mykola BALUKH, Volodimir YAKOVLIV, Ihor HNYP


Most of the current programs of physical rehabilitation of students of a special medical group (hereinafter - SMG) are aimed only at a separate contingent depending on the type of nosology, which complicates the work of the teacher and reduces the effectiveness of classes for other students. In fact, no physical rehabilitation programs have been developed for female students who have the highest reproductive potential. Therefore, the creation of a rehabilitation program that will not only be able to cover students with various diseases, but will also be useful for the prevention of risk factors for chronic noncommunicable diseases (CHD) as the most acute demographic problem is relevant. The purpose of the study is to develop, scientifically substantiate and test the program of physical rehabilitation of students of a special medical group, taking into account motor disorders. The developed program of physical rehabilitation of SMG students taking into account motor impairments had a complex character and included the following elements: lifestyle modification, kinesitherapy (with stoppage of fitness yoga, functional training, aerobic training) (swimming, fitness, jogging, health) self-massage with the Lyapko applicator. The control group included 24 individuals, the experimental group consisted of two groups of 24 individuals. The following methods were used to solve the research tasks: analysis of scientific and special literature, surveys and questionnaires, pedagogical testing, methods of determining indicators of physical development, physical fitness and functional state of the organism, methods of mathematical statistics. After the implementation of the developed program of physical rehabilitation for female students, a decrease in the number and intensity of modified risk factors for CHD due to increased physical activity, reduction of bad habits was determined; reducing the number of complaints. Studies on the effectiveness of the program of physical rehabilitation of female students, taking into account motor impairments, tested on a sufficient number of female students of the special medical group, have confirmed data and can serve as a basis for practical implementation of this program.


motor impairment, lifestyle modification, kinesitherapy, aerobic training, functional training, self-massage with Lyapko applicator

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