Peculiarities of the Interpreter’s Participation in Polygraph Examination: Organizational and Legal Aspects



The article reveals the main organizational and legal aspects of involving the interpreter in conducting a polygraph examination. The example of criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine shows the main problems in regulating the involvement of the interpreter in conducting psychophysiological examinations using a polygraph, as it is the field of crime investigation that requires strict compliance with the requirements of procedural law. According to the results of the research, the factors that determine the expediency of involving the interpreter in the polygraph examination, which, in addition to the general rules, should also include cases where the subject of interest, although speaks the state language, but his / her language is foreign. It is noted that in the process of the polygraph examination conduct it is necessary to take into account such peculiarities of a person’s knowledge of a foreign language as the use of dialectisms, slang and professional jargon, etc. From the standpoint of determined peculiarities of a polygraph examination conduct, the qualification requirements for the interpreter, which ensure the successful and effective conduct of such examination, are substantiated. The article reveals the main aspects of polygraph examinations conduct the interpreter should be acquainted with and the rules of behaviour of the interpreter in the examination process. The problems and directions of their decision are defined through the example of the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine which are connected both with the general rules of involvement of the interpreter in forensic examination conduct influencing efficiency of carrying out psychophysiological examinations with the use of a polygraph, and peculiarities of legal regulation of the organization and carrying out this type of examination.


Polygraph, interpreter, polygraph examiner, polygraph examination, psychophysiological examination

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