‘Nu plecăm până nu plecaţi!’- A Case Study on the Rise of the Digital Civic Activism in Romania (2015-2018)



In this study we focused our attention on the involvement of the oldest and the most active online community, Corupţia ucide, in organising or rallying protests in 2015, 2017 and 2018. We wanted to show to what extent the representatives of this community managed to increase the number of (involved) fans supporting the cause of anti-corruption protests and how they used Facebook as an interactive tool for communicating with users in the case of the three analysed protests. The Corupţia ucide community has provided internet users with information about protests and anti-corruption legislation, has succeeded in connecting and engaging citizens to participate also in the street, not only in social media, and has paved the way for the digital civic activism institutionalisation in Romania. 


anti-corruption protests; online communication; digital activism; social media; Diaspora Rally; Romania 2018; Corupţia ucide (Corruption kills)

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