Art Therapy as a Means of Psychological Correction of Emotional Disorders

Olha SAVYTSKA, Veronika SHKRABIUK, Valentyna PEDORENKO, Svitlana SYTNIK, Victoriia NAICHUK, Victoriia NAZAREVYCH


The article reveals the essence and specificity of psychologically corrective work with the help of art therapy in the theoretical and methodological analysis of the problem of correction of emotional disorders. Types of emotional disorders, their causes, and also directions of art therapy and some rules of introduction of art therapy techniques in psychologically corrective practice are considered. Some psychological recommendations for the use of isotherapy methods in the correction of emotional disorders, compliance with which can attest to the high professional competence of the consultant in mastering art therapy techniques have been developed. Art therapy work is offered for consideration as emotional "auto-training" of harmonious interaction with the social environment, a strategy of preservation of emotional health and a psychological means of self-help of the self-sufficient person for the purpose of prevention of emotional deviations. The use of art-therapeutic means is offered to consider as innovative health-saving technology. Theoretical and methodological developments in the introduction of art therapy in the psychologically corrective process by foreign and domestic researchers, which can be considered as successful recommendations for the use of art therapy techniques for the psychocorrection of emotional disorders are summarized.


Neurotic states; depressive states; fears; phobias; client; isotherapy methods; psychotherapeutic areas; psychological approaches; health-saving technologies

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