Preschoolers with Intellectual Disabilities: Research in Communicative Competence



The formation of communicative competence as a leading component of speech activity of senior preschoolers with intellectual disabilities is a long-term, multi-stage process. In accordance with the objectives of the study, we have substantiated and identified the features of the criteria of communicative competence. Methods of comparison and systematization of research material are applied; deductive - for a systematic description of the phenomenon under study; systematization of the results of empirical research; empirical: diagnostic complex for the study of the formation of communicative competence; mathematical and statistical: Fisher's angular transformation criterion to establish the reliability of differences between the indicators of experimental groups.

It was found that children with intellectual disabilities of older preschool age have a complete lack of communicative competence in general. Insufficient level of cognitive-motivational criterion revealed the predominance of zero level of communication skills, situationality of statements, prevalence of situational-business communication, which is characteristic of younger children with normal development, as well as a tendency to avoid problematic situations. There is a significant predominance of zero level of formation of the behavioral criterion, which is manifested in the lack of adequate ways of communication, the lack of communicative techniques, both the use of verbal and nonverbal means of communication. Lack of mastery of non-situational forms of communication is manifested in the lack of stable motives for communication with adults, reduced need for communication, low development of speech communication, lack of interest in contact, inability to navigate communication, predominance of protective reactions of avoidance and aggression.


speech activity; intellectual disabilities; communicative competence; verbal / non-verbal communication; speech disorder; senior preschooler

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