MyE-Wall: Design of a Web Portal Fully Customizable and Ontology Based

Roberto Paiano, Andrea Roggerone


Web is a measureless growing information source. Here we could have the common user that surf the web for fun, and the particular user surfing the web to work, for instance, the financial analyst that hopes to find some financial information.These users are similar in their habit to visit ever
a pool of 10-15 websites where they are sure to find interesting information. In this paper, we introduce the architecture of a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that uses the power of Semantics to create a new type of Web Portal fully customizable that we will call MyE-Wall. In this portal, the user can’t attach widget, but modules containing each one the section of a particular web site. Therefore, the idea is allow a user to create of a new website composed by a patchwork of different website’s sections selected by himself. Here we use semantics for two reasons: (i) to process the structure of a particular website and create the corresponding module to attach on the portal (ii) to provide the application of a set of features (reasoning engine, swrl rules, etc...) to reason on the information collected, according the preferences that the user
could have specified in his own profile.


Rich Internet Application, Ontology, Reasoner, Portal, semantic

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