Intelligent Continuous Double Auction method For Service Allocation in Cloud Computing

Nima Farajian, Kamran Zamanifar


Market-oriented approach is an effective method for resource management because of its regulation of supply and demand and is suitable for cloud environment where the computing resources, either software or hardware, are virtualized and allocated as services from providers to users. In this paper a continuous double auction method for efficient cloud service allocation is presented in which i) enables consumers to order various resources (services) for workflows and coallocation, ii) consumers and providers make bid and request prices based on deadline and workload time and in addition providers can tradeoff between utilization time and price of bids, iii) auctioneers can intelligently find optimum matching by sharing and merging resources which result more trades. Experimental results show that proposed method is efficient in terms of successful allocation rate and resource utilization.


Cloud computing, continuous double auction, intelligent agent, resource allocation, multiagent system

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