The Psychological Impact of Infographics in Education

Huseyin Bicen, Mobina Beheshti


Nowadays, rapid changes in technology have significant influence in learners’ educational life. The technological devices of information and communication are developed to deliver valuable knowledge quickly, regardless of the place and time, novel media demonstration formats emerged. Infographics are examples of this format, which use graphic visual pictures to show the information, knowledge or data effectively. Infographics are used in instruction, particularly in instructional design which is more challenging to design an education. Hence, teaching by infographics helps students to interpret visual knowledge and provide a broader and extensive body of learning and grasp in education. The main objective of this research is to investigate the students’ perceptions about using infographics in education. The research is designed as a quantitative study. The total number of undergraduate students participating in this research was 163. Data were accumulated with close-ended questions during this study. The gathered data were analysed via the descriptive analysis approach.


Social media; visual literacy; instructional design; infographics; educational infographics

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