Affective-Motivational Responses Identified by Means of the Pedagogical Diary in the Initial Training of Teacher

Venera Mihaela Cojocariu, Gabriel Mares


The pedagogical diary may show a versatile utility in the initial teacher training process. Our study aims to highlight the results obtained by capitalizing the pedagogical diary during a semesters activity, the discipline of History of Pedagogy, academic year 2016-2017. The sample consisted of 70 1st-year students from the Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education. Our effort was to identify motivational-affective responses generated using the pedagogical diary and semistructured entries at the end of each seminar. The suggested structure comprised the requirement to write down the experiences generated by successively covering the curriculum topics. Their qualitative analysis focused on identifying the types of affective states, their correlation with types of motivation, as well as identifying specific types of motivation.


pedagogical diary; motivation; affectivity; initial teacher training

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