Designing and Programming an Efficient Software for Sizing and Counting Various Particles using Image Processing Technique

Seyed Vahid Seyedin, Seyed Hadi Seyedin, Atiyeh Sadat Seyedin


Main purpose of the present study is to develop an appropriate computer program to size and count particles in digital images focusing on eliminating undesirable objects from the image. In this study, the user friendly Graphical User interface (GUI) tool is developed using MATLAB to measure the size of every particle of the digital image. The step by step process optimizes synthesis process of micro particles. It also facilitates generation of the required statistical analysis for medical science, material science and other applications. The described image processing system reduces total measuring time, eliminates subjective observer error in sizing and determines fine particles, considerably. This method can be used as a simple pattern recognition technique to size and count a relatively large number of particles in a short time. It is applicable to filter out images of undesirable objects such as redundant spots or noises in the image and clearly, by taking high resolution photos, the result of the processed images would be more reliable.  


Counting Particles; Image Processing; Particle Size Distribution; Image Segmentation; Cell Morphology; Medical Imaging; MATLAB

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