The Success of Implementing Flipped Classroom in Teaching Foreign Language for International Students

Behcet Öznacar, Fatma Köprülü, Mehmet Çağlar


The purpose of this study is to define the international students’ use of flipped classroom and its effect on their academic performance, participation levels, learning attitudes and academic success during their foreign language learning. The participants were 2 lecturers and 17 international students from the Preparatory School of Near East University in the academic year of 2017-2018 fall semester. This study is based on qualitative and descriptive research.

As a result, it has been introduced that flip lessons were more useful instructional designs than non-flip lessons. The findings indicate that the students who use Edmodo to follow the flip class achieve better learning outcomes and promote better attitudes toward their learning experiences.


Flipped classroom; Edmodo; Authentic Learning

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