Self-imagined Inertia and the Construction of Consciousness Cleavages

Dan Gabriel Simbotin


Self-image synthesizes the external and internal cumulative factors where memory, affective context, awareness and the reinterpretation of facts / phenomena play a fundamental role. Within daily activities following the cognitive processing of information, there is a distance between immediate events and realities, their awareness and self-image. Depending on the context this may be less or higher, each situation generating adaptive effects that can gradually turn into psychic issues that require a psychologist or psychiatrist intervention. In this paper we will describe the way in which the self-image is built up from the phenomenological and the new theories of the imaginary perspective and we will make a critical analysis of the inappropriate use of the correlated language of the phenomenon. Later we will explain how conscientious cleavages may occur, highlight the levels of proceedings of psycho-social intervention.


self-image; conscientious cleavages; psycho-social intervention; imaginary

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