Experience in the Application of Cognitive Techniques in the Field of Physical Education and Sports

Svitlana Kryshtanovych, Olha Bilostotska, Viktoriia Ulianova, Nataliia Tkachova, Artem Tkachov


Improving the professional training of managers in the field of physical education and sports today requires the need to use foreign experience in their preparation, especially for the experience of using cognitive psychology techniques in professional and personal training. The study of international experience training of future managers of physical education and sports is of great importance for the implementation of positive trends in higher education in terms of the quality of their training and the formation of their professional competence. And this requires a critical analysis of the achievements of the educational systems of foreign countries and the adaptation of these achievements to national needs. The relevance of the study of world experience is due to the possibility of using the achievements and practices in the context of the establishment of a new paradigm of professional education for managers of physical education and sports, in which the cognitive-contextual goals of forming the professional competence of these specialists should become priorities. The importance of studying international experience in the application of cognitive teaching methods in the training of managers of physical education and sports is also due to insufficient information on relevant studies conducted in this area. Unfortunately, the study of the individual components of the cognitive-oriented education system in higher education institutions of the world space is characterized by the lack of a holistic view of its functioning in modern conditions.


education; cognitive application; physical education; sports; managers

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/brain/11.2/79

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