Anxiety and Fear in Cancer Patients

Marius Ionuţ PADURARU, Diana PADURARU, Teodora ALEXA-STRATULAT, Anca NEAGU, Marius NEAGU, Vlad AFRASANIE, Lucian MIRON, Alexandru Bogdan CIUBARA, Magda ANTOHI, Anamaria CIUBARA


Anxiety is a highly prevalent disorder in cancer patients, but it is often underdiagnosed in this setting. Receiving diagnosis of cancer leads the establishment of several psychological dynamics: fear of dying, uncertainty, loss of control, change in interpersonal relationships and self-image. Several clinically significant studies have supported the belief that cancer patients are more apt to suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional challenges. The study focuses on anxiety among cancer patients. It aims at investigating cancer and symptoms the disease has on the anxiety level of patients.


Anxiety; cancer; fear; patients;

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