The State of the Art in Smart Grid Domain: A Network Modeling Approach

Waseem AKRAM, Saba NOOR, Awais MANZOOR


Agent-based computing and multi-agent systems are important tools in the domain of smart grid. Various properties of agents like self-organization, co-operation, autonomous behavior, and many others allow researchers to well represent the smart grid applications and models. From past few decades, various research attempts have been made in the smart grid domain by adopting the agent-based computing technology. The research publications are growing in number which makes it difficult to locate and identify the dynamics and trends in the research. Scientometric analysis is a useful tool to perform a comprehensive bibliographic review. It allows not only to understand the key areas of research but also provide visual representation of each entity involve in the research. In this study, we provide a detailed statistical as well as visual analysis of agent-based smart grid research by adopting complex network-based analytical approach. The study covers all scientific literature available online in Web of Science database. We are interested in identification of key papers, authors, and journals. Furthermore, we also investigate core countries, institutions, and categories.  


smart grid; multi-agent systems; network modelling; scientometric analysis;

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