Stress Prevention and Management during the Quarantine

Ivan Okhrimenko, Nina Lyhun


The paper analyzes factors of quarantine measures influencing an individual during the COVID-19 epidemic. It mentions that during the quarantine, it should be considered that some individuals are especially vulnerable in crisis situations and they may need additional psychological assistance. The work presents a set of tools, recommended for specialists providing remote psychological assistance to prevent and overcome stress. Preventive and rehabilitation measures (counseling methods; the change in strategies and patterns of behavior; the involvement of rational psychodiagnostic and self-regulation techniques, etc.) are aimed at reducing the risks of stress and its impact on the individual during quarantine under threat of the COVID-19 epidemic. They should result in an increase in communicative openness, emotional stability, social courage, self-confidence, etc.


stress prevention; quarantine measures; crisis situations; psychological assistance; remote work; psychological counseling

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