Motivational Effects of Gamification Apps in Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Yakubu Bala Mohammed, Fezile Ozdamli


Gamification is considered by many scholars to be an effective tool for engaging individuals in teaching and learning process, organizational task, business environment, and other recreational activities. However, some students and tutors of various institutions of learning across the globe lack clear understanding on how gamification applications positively affect teaching and learning via intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Despites all its potential benefits as suggested by prior literatures with regards to flexibility and externalization of learning process, yet some colleges and universities are not fully convinced that use of gamification elements motivate students to engage more on their learning activities which in turns change attitudes and behaviours. Hence, the need for study to extract these motivational effects of gamifications applications from the existing body of knowledge. Therefore, this study utilized some of the comprehensive databases such as ScienceDirect, Web of science, IEEE Xplore, and SpringerLink, with the aims of identifying, extracting, analyzing and highlighting the motivational effects of gamification systems in education. Out of the articles discovered, 37 were fully read and analyzed. The study results highlight the motivational effects of gamification applications in education, and found badges, levels, feedbacks, points, and leader-board to be the most pleasant elements of gamification applications that motivate individuals, as they increase participation and engagement in learning process. Finally, the study suggests area of future work.


Gamification apps, Motivational effects, eLearning, students, Teaching & Learning Process

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