Internet Addiction and the Postpartum Depression in Pandemic

Beatris-Cela STAN, Eva-Maria ELKAN, Ana-Maria PAPUC, Doina Carina VOINESCU, Anamaria CIUBARA


The addiction on internet is spread on the hole globe and include all the age and social gourps. Postpartum depression is caused as also accelerated and magnified in many cases in situations of isolation (social, medical, living, professional). The own perception about isolation varies from person to person and the consequences are depending on the degree of frustration which some deprivation are inducing it. The mother has the sensation of unjustice of the destiny, that she deserves on a certain plan something more and this dissatisfaction will lead her to be  to upset, worried, undecided, anxious and ashamed, helplessness and finally depressed. The spectrum of the postpartum depression is extended up to demisive behavior (abandonment of the job, career, extended family, friends and even the husband) in many cases because of the fear not to be accepted or not to upset the others.The difficulties encountered bu the investigators and the therapists it consists precisely in the fact that it is needed to define correct and concrete this subjective experiences and also to measure them and to correlate them with the actions and the evaluated consequences of the patients actions. The bet with destiny which the woman made it many times, she tries in the moment of depression that she has lost, and just her baby can become the existential motivation to go further and this happens often to mothers with a psychovulnerabilizant family hystory and there are situations in which this assumption seems to look very bad for the women and so the women tries to argue and to justify some of her behaviors.This hard journey form denial to awareness and afterhtat assumption and reconciliation can be traversed with specialised help focused focused on the mother who wants to manage her past in a new setting.


addiction, internet, pandemic, postpartum depression

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