[WITHDRAWN] Interdisciplinarity in Complex Therapeutic Approach of Psychiatric Patients with Dysfunctional Syndrome of the Stomatognated System

Laura Elisabeta CHECHERITA, Lucian Ştefan BURLEA, Bogdan Petru BULANCEA, Iulian Costin LUPU, Liana AMINOV, Ioana RUDNIC, Tudor HAMBURDA, Cristina ANTOHI, Raluca Elena BACIU, Roxana Ionela VASLUIANU, Ovidiu STAMATIN


Diseases in the maxillofacial sphere and especially the dysfunctional syndrome of the stomatognathic system have many connections and interferences with the psychiatric pathology and why not last, but not least the appearance and aesthetics that have an impact on social life and success. On the other hand, there has been a significant increase in the use of antipsychotics in recent decades. The negative impact on oral health has also increased. The ability to diagnose mental illness is essential due to the social stigma associated with these disorders and a correct differential diagnose as well. This article describes the oro-dental rehabilitation of one case, psychiatrically treated, with mandibular and maxilla missing teeth and dental destruction and prosthetic damage, temporomandibular disorders pathology due to the disbalanced occlusion and depression and anxiety, with specific medication, fixed and removable hybrid prosthesis and intra oral complex rehabilitation.

Editor's Note | On 27.11.2023 the authors requested the paper withdrawal. Based on their request, the case is sent into analysis to the LUMEN Committee of Research and Publication Ethics. A decision on this case will be available online soon.

Later edit | 15.12.2023 : The publisher requested each author to confirm by email its willingness to withdraw the paper from publication. Based on all the authors' confirmations the LUMEN Committee of Research and Publication Ethics will be able to finish its analysis and give a final decision.

Decision | 15.01.2024: Based on the analysis of the authors' requests and the case information, the LUMEN Committee for Research and Publication Ethics decided the paper retraction. The retraction was based on duplicate publication.


fixed dental prosthesis, edentation, depression, psychiatric treatment, oro-dental rehabilitation, temporomandibular disorders

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