Quo vadis, Intelligent Machine?

Rosemarie Velik


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. At least this was the original idea. However, it turned out that this is no task easy to be solved. This article aims to give a comprehensible review on the last 60 years of artificial intelligence taking a philosophical viewpoint. It is outlined what happened so far in AI, what is currently going on in this research area, and what can be expected in future. The goal is to mediate an understanding for the developments and changes in thinking in course of time about how to achieve machine intelligence. The clear message is that AI has to join forces with neuroscience and other brain disciplines in order to make a step towards the development of truly intelligent machines.


Artificial intelligence, brain modeling, cognitive computation, brain-inspired automation, neuro-symbolic networks, affective computation, neuroscience, psychoanalysis.

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