Investigation of Physical Activity Levels of Eligible Students in Terms of Various Variables

Erdil DURUKAN, Mehmet GÖKTEPE, Gökhan AYDIN, Leonard STOICA


This study aimed to examine the physical activity levels of the eligible students to study at the Faculty of Sports Sciences in the current academic year. A total of 200 students participated in the research as a result of the removal of the erroneous questionnaires from the questionnaires applied to 224 students who were eligible to attend the Faculty of Sports Sciences. The "International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) short form was applied to the participants. While there was no significant difference according to the gender and body mass index variables values of the students who were entitled to study (p>0.05), a significant difference was found according to the sports branches, sports experience, and the departments they attend (p<0.05). As a result, a significant difference was found according to the departments of the students studying at the faculty of sports sciences according to their physical activity levels, sports experience, and the sports branches.


sports; sport science; physical activity

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