Intention Reconsideration in Wumpus World And Intentional Inference in Adolescents

Carlos Pelta


Adolescence is usually described as a period of search for sensations, great impulsivity, and risky behavior. How can this circumstance affect the intentional inference of adolescents who have to reconsider their intentions after performing a task? In this article we show that adolescents who had seen a very cautious agent acting in a Classic Wumpus World (CWW) environment and who had quite reliably predicted their movements in a later round, adopted a much more risky prediction of the agent's movements when they had to reconsider some of their original intentions in a slightly modified Wumpus World environment (or MCWW-Modified Classic Wumpus World-version). This result could support the vision of adolescents as optimistic improvisers in their decisionmaking processes.


Adolescence; Wumpus World; Intention Reconsideration; Intentional Inference

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