Psychological Correction of Individual Neurotic Problems

Liliia RUDENKO, Ruslan SIMKO, Oleksandr HUDYMA, Yuliia BOIKO-BUZYL, Nataliia MATEIKO, Olga SAMARA


The article conducts a theoretical analysis of the features of the neurotic response to uncertain situations as an important component and trigger of individual problems. In this regard, the issue of psychological correction of individual neurotic problems in uncertain situations at the theoretical, methodological and practical levels has been studied in the article. The neurotic experience of psychotraumatic events is due to internal conflicts. Effective methods of corrective work with neurotic reactions as prevention of persistent neurotic states are indicated here too. The neuropsychological content of psychotherapeutic techniques that can prevent neurotic development of an individual is revealed. It is presented the model of psychological correction of individual neurotic problems, which is capable to carry out effective corrective influence of the personal sphere on emotional, cognitive, motivational and behavioral levels. Important principles and conditions are noted regarding the psychological correction of such neurotic nature. The neuropsychological content of the body-oriented model of psychological correction of an individual in combination with psychotherapeutic methods is considered in detail.


Neuropsychocorrection, internal conflicts, anxiety, neurotic reactions, neurotic experience, stressful situations, neurotic states, psychotherapeutic methods

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