The Moral Shock of the War in Ukraine and the Mobilization of World Resources in the Light of the Philosophy of Mind

Yuriy Fedoryk, Olga Rudenko, Nataliia Sablina, Hennadii Moskalyk, Andrii Shymanovych, Oleksandr Danylchenko


The relevance of the article lies in the need to study the moral side of war and the mobilization of world resources in the context of educational philosophy. In the context of metaphysics, war has an anti-materialistic, spiritual meaning and is "a certain test for the nation", which can be a manifestation of artificial intelligence. It is during war that society fights for the highest principles of civilization, not for the state or its ambitious aspirations. Both war and heroic experience can awaken deep forces connected to the foundations of race. On the contrary, materialists, especially Marxists, saw the cause of wars solely in social-class inequality and the antagonistic confrontation "between labor and capital." At the same time, war in society is not just a phenomenon of armed struggle guided by politics, a way of achieving one's goals with the use of armed violence. It is followed by a change in the course of numerous social processes and the involvement of economic, ideological and other forces of society in the struggle. War tests the economic and organizational strength of every nation. Therefore, it is important to understand the war as provoking a moral shock in Ukraine and mobilizing world resources in the light of the philosophy of reason. Its impact on social development is associated with a significant disruption and change in the usual functions and nature of the existence of elements of this or that social organization.


Tests of economic and organizational forces, armed violence, world community, opposite tendencies of war, military science, military art

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