Bilingual Lexical Activation in Sentence and Non-sentence Context: A Study of Cross-language Lexical Processing

Mehraban Hamavandy, Mohammad Golshan


Research on word recognition across languages has gained popularity in recent years, due to its overall bearing on the psycholinguistic account of language acquisition. To this end, this study was an attempt to demonstrate the differential influences of L2 proficiency, and type of context on the lexical recognition and retrieval of bilinguals. For this purpose, ten participants who were native speakers of Persian and were learning English at the two distinct levels of elementary and advanced were requested to recite two texts, one in Persian and one in English, which were specifically
modified for the current research purpose. The results revealed that while advanced learners were better performers on L2 lexis retrieval, their bare word recognition in L1 lagged behind in latency
from elementary learners.


lexical access, bilingualism, cross-language differences, sentence processing

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