Prototyping 3D Virtual Learning Environments with X3D-based Content and Visualization Tools

Livia Stefan, Sorin Hermon, Marina Faka


Over the last decade, learning settings on SecondLife or OpenSimulator 3D online platforms are employed as a distance service by virtualizing educational spaces or even an entire university campus. To immerse and engage the learners in a 3D space, architectural and ambient objects need to be designed, besides the transfer of the educational assets in a 3D/2.5D environment. The present research addresses the existing limitations of the current 3D online platforms in terms of content creation, management and interoperability. Several open 3D and web-based technologies, e.g. X3D or WegGL, are investigated and evaluated for their possible use for complex 3D and non-3D content in online environments. A working methodology and recommendation of tools are proposed for a more productive development and a prototyping pipeline. The tools provide a higher level of interactivity and facilitate the content visualization in browsers and mobile devices.


3D Virtual Learning Environments, 3D modeling, X3D, prototyping

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