Towards a MOOC-related Strategy in Romania

Carmen Holotescu, Gabriela Grosseck


A purpose of this paper is to present and discuss the status of Open Education (OE) in Romania, with a focus on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) initiatives in the country. Based on the Open Education activity research in Europe, we also highlight a number of significant OE initiatives and policies which may provide effective exemplars for Romania to consider. In the last section of the article, we also propose a set of recommendations in order to facilitate the development of Open Education in the country, aiming to enable stakeholders to make more informed strategic decisions to promote MOOC integration in all forms of education. The recommendations are organized on three levels: teachers, institutions and policy makers. This work continues and updates our research and proposals related Open Education initiatives and policies in Romania (Holotescu, 2007; Holotescu, 2012; Holotescu and Pepler, 2014; Holotescu et al., 2014a; Holotescu, Andone and Grosseck, 2016).


MOOCs; OERs; Open Education; policies; strategies

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