Mind Maping as Support for Economic Studies E-learning

Ramona Lacurezeanu, Liana Stanca, Adriana Tiron Tudor, Sergiu Zagan


The web 2.0.-era education is in a continuous reformation and evolution. Nowadays, information technologies are developed and widespread impetuously. Thus, digital mind maps are becoming more and more popular but little is known about the use of this subject and its application in the economic academic field. This paper aims to offer some results in mind mapping applied to a course from the higher education in the economic area by using a mixed research methodology. Thus, we combined a survey and a participant observation, aimed to illustrate the way in which we projected, implemented and used the Web2 instruments with mind mapping. On the one hand, this framework is useful for measuring the students’ attitude towards traditional teaching with WEB 2.0 instruments with mind mapping. On the other hand, we want to check if the engagement of the students will increase. So, our study will provide conclusions in the field of research related to the measurement of students' attitudes and engagement in teaching-learning in the economic field, in a period in which all those involved are working to increase the degree of digitization of the university education. The outcome of this study can be considered favorable on "our framework" implementation to the digitalization area of the economic academic field.


Mind Mapping; Web 2.0; Social Learning Environment; Teaching/Learning Methods

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