Suggestions for Improving the Country’s Master Plan for the Disabled People with Life-Sustaining Limitations

Ceren Karaatmaca, Zehra Altinay, Fahriye Altinay


Individuals who are restricted in some movements, senses or functions for physical or mental reasons constitute a group of the society. In North Cyprus, these individuals and/or their familes are directly or indirectly confronted with various problems in society. Today this phenomenea can be perceived in areas like education, health, transportation accomodation, technology, informatics, social security, etc. The developmental level of a country is directly related to the efforts to solve the mentioned problems. The main aim of this study is to examine a conceptual framework for suggestions to increase the quality of services for the disabled in this context as well as putting forward action plans for the process of development and necessary changes. In this respect, all the studies done in the workshops after 2013 in North Cyprus to improve the services provided for the disabled with life-sustaining limitations are summarized and reported. In addition, the guidance in designing a detailed framework for the protection of the rights of the disabled and the suggestion of action plans to carry out their responsibilities are provided. Consequently, this study suggests the framework for participant planning process to support necesarry developments.


Disability; Master Plan; Planning; Service; Quality

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