The Role of Big Data and Machine Learning in COVID-19

Mustafa Ababneh, Aayat Aljarrah, Damla Karagozlu


The big rise in the existence of digital data contributed to creating many good chances, especially related to corporations, institutions and firms. Also, it gives the capability to scrimp data regarding its major or area, where the countries have benefited from the analysis of big data (BD) greatly in the face of epidemics and diseases, especially COVID-19 since BD is now available everywhere around us, from official reports and scientific studies related to virology and epidemiology. The general aim of this study is to clarify how the conjunction among both BD and machine learning (ML) created huge differences in data science and a big influence on the applications related to a lot of fields chiefly in COVID-19. The method which is used in this study ‘relevance tree’ by identifying papers related to ML and BD, especially in COVID-19. The results have been shown that the use of reinforcement learning in analyzing BD provides effective and tremendous results, although it faces many challenges and restrictions that have been explained in detail in this study. In addition, the results showed that most of the countries in the time of Corona turned into smart cities, totally dependent on smart applications based on the analysis of BD using ML, and one of the most important applications that were circulated around the world global positioning system. In addition to the results that have been found, data privacy is one of the most important challenges facing data analysis. Consequently, it recommended future researchers to focus on studying the challenges faced by ML in analyzing medical data in the COVID-19 era.


Big Data; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; COVID-19

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