Assessing the Effectiveness of Tactical Skills Level when Using a Laser Tag Type Two-Way Skirmish Simulator

Artem Bratko, Viktor Hashchuk, Taras Suslov, Roman Misheniuk, Vitalii Zhuravel, Vitalii Havryliuk


The result of military personnel practical training lies in skilful and confident actions using available weapons and military equipment in all types of the combined arms operation. There is a need to use training and simulation equipment in order to increase the force proficiency, to save resources in weapons and military equipment use. Analysis of the ground forces personnel military training system in the militarily developed leading countries of the world indicates the tendency of further reduction of the weapons and military equipment use for the personnel professional training, the introduction of new forms and methods into training with the use of simulators, training and simulation equipment and training and simulation complexes. The armies of NATO countries have a tendency to use full-scale simulators designed to provide cadets with specific skills that allow the personnel training as part of crews (teams), platoons, company and other units, as well as to carry out the full range of their functional responsibilities. The authors of the article have developed a method for assessing the effectiveness of the military personnel competitive activity when solving tactical tasks using laser tag type two-way skirmish simulators, which allows to determine the level of separate components training (the skills level of separate tactical techniques accomplishment, tactical, physical, psychological readiness) and to carry out the personnel training level assessment as a whole. The assessment included the most important training level criteria which characterize a degree of a serviceman tactical training and have an influence upon the real end result when solving the tactical tasks by the unit as a whole.


competitive activities; degree of tactical training; tactical task; tactical technique; effectiveness factor; two-way skirmish simulator

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